Dentistry Software
Consultants Roslyn, NY

Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) are bombarded with IT responsibilities that can sap an office of many man-hours and sometimes even morale. Dental Hi-Tech Management makes it easy for you to manage your practice and every associated office all in one place. Our dentistry software consultants streamline the work it takes to manage your dental industry business which gives you and your staff freedom for other tasks.  

Dental Hi-Tech Management takes a lot of pride in giving dental practices clear, honest and straightforward advice and guidance about practice management software and that will help with the management issues of today as well as be scalable so it can grow with the practice. Our dental practice management solutions will keep your DSO running smoother.

Dental Hi-Tech Management grows with you.

Expert Dentistry Software Consultants in Roslyn, NY

Dental Hi-Tech Management works with dental practices all over the Long Island, NY area. Dental organizations and group practices are similar but we understand there is a big difference they have very different needs. 

Since our dentistry software consultants specialize within the dental industry, we understand the needs of different types of dental businesses and are able to tailor our solutions for each one. 

We DSO specific dental computer support, including:

  • Dental IT Support
  • Computer Support
  • Pre-Acquisition Technology Evaluations
  • Multiple Practice Support
  • Budgeting
  • Data Backup
  • Security

DSOs need specific dental computer support. Don’t let your DSO be trapped in the wrong systems. Having the wrong system can leave you dealing with unwanted downtime, extra reporting and even stunt your business’ growth. 

Dental Hi-Tech Management’s dentistry software consultants can custom design a technological solution for your DSO today! 

Cloud-Based Management for DSOs in Roslyn, NY

We use state-of-the-art dental technology services to collaborate with your colleagues from different offices without ever leaving your chair. Our cloud-based management systems and dentistry software consultants will give your DSO a more professional touch, optimized office procedures, safe data, and a uniform, synchronized approach to management. Your patients will notice and appreciate the difference. 

Computer Support for Dental Offices & DSOs

Dental offices, group practices, and DSOs count on our dentistry software consultants and our dental-specific IT solutions to have them covered no matter what situation may arise. These are just a few of the ways our dental computer support can help your office: 

  • State of the Art Cloud System Integration
  • On-Site & Cloud-Based Backups
  • Fast Response Time
  • HIPAA Compliant Systems
  • HIPAA Secure Networking
  • VOIP and Paperless Systems

Our dentistry software consultants provide proactive dental IT services and solutions for management, growth, and security for Manhasset dental practices. If you need help with dental computer support, contact us today!