Trust and Passion

Cloud technology

Trust and Passion

Cloud technology

Anyone in business today has no doubt heard of cloud technology. “Are you in the cloud?” “Do you have cloud backups?” “Is your software cloud compatible?” Cloud seems like a buzzword but at the end of the day it really is the way of the future.

Properly implemented cloud technology can mean greater availability, higher speeds, greater security, redundancy, the ability to work from home with ease, less reliance on the latest and greatest workstations and servers and so much more.
A Dental practice has many options when it comes to cloud technology. There are pros and cons to every one of them and even some that may affect the very way you manage your practice. You might benefit from always having the latest version of the software, but you also lose control of the data and how you handle end of month closeouts etc in the process.
You might be able to work from home without any special utilities but then what about the rest of your documents and programs that are only available on your office network? You might be able to see one patient in multiple offices but then what about their images?

You might have a particular sensor or panoramic unit but can you move those imaging solutions into the cloud too? You might have a portable drive or a NAS in your office for backups and maybe your friend showed you some cloud backup solution that he found on google but what about it? Are they fast, are they HIPAA compliant, can they get your data to you in a day, a week, a month, will they charge you to retrieve your data? That’s a lot for a busy Dental practice to navigate.
Dental HiTech has the tools and experience with industry leading cloud providers for patient sharting and imaging solutions and has been helping practices transition into the cloud for years. Dental HiTech helps practices understand those risks and the changes to how they will need to operate before the trigger is pulled so Dental professionals can move confidently into the new era of cloud technology or continue exploring the infinite possibilities of traditional in house hosting.
Don’t lose the forest for the trees when Dental HiTech is waiting in the wings as salespeople bombard you with why you should choose their cloud dental solution when they so often know so little about their own competition and how complex the connections between all of the software needed to make your practice work really is.


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