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Backup and Restoration

Trust and Passion
Backup and restoration

Backup and Restoration

Data backup
Uh Oh, the power just went in and out and now your server isn’t powering back on. You better have a backup of your data or else you’re basically out of business.

That’s an ugly lump in the back of your throat everytime something goes wrong isn’t it. Backing up your data isn’t always as simple as it seems either. You have to do it right and faceless cloud backup companies are not the way to go and monolithic backup solutions like that are not the way to go either.
A hybrid solution of local and cloud backups is a must and the recovery time from either of those options is absolutely as important as securing the data in the first place. When looking for an IT company you should be asking how fast can they get you back up and running in a real emergency. Is it same day? Several days? Weeks even? DO they understand the complexities and all the ways business can be restored before a backup finishes and are they willing to put in the labor to do it?
With all that said there is the more mundane yet no less important part of backups too. Who controls my data? Is it hosted overseas? Is it HIPAA compliant? Who has access to it? Is it immune to viruses and ransomware? Can I store all my images too? You need a Dental IT company to manage those risks and answer those questions for you.

Some general IT companies or fly by night one man shows might not have the resources or the experience in managing crises inflicted upon its partners by natural disasters, problems with the grid or just plain Murphy’s law. They might not understand the complexities of imaging and how each facet of practice management bridges with one another. Your livelihood will never be more dependent on your IT company than it is at this moment.
Dental HiTech Management maintains its own, secure, private servers held in a US based datacenter with all of the HIPAA compliance measures in place needed to keep that data safe. We also keep in mind where we store the data because you can’t wait to get back in business a minute longer than needed. Our local backups can be used to make any PC a server inside of an hour and our remote backups can be used to save a practice from literally the worst case scenarios plus we do the math and if delivering your data in physical form is going to be quicker than downloading it from the datacenter we’ll do that instead which in our record of recoveries has saved as much as 2 full weeks of downloading and decrypting of data under less than ideal circumstances created by some of the aforementioned disasters. On top of all that, no antivirus or firewall is perfect.
For every great mousetrap there will one day be a better mouse and that’s how cyber security works in a nutshell. If your practice falls prey to a virus or ransomware, Dental HiTech helps you rest easy knowing that we have your data locked up tight and will kick that virus to the curb without you ever having to consider dealing with a cyber criminal’s demands. Time is money, Dental HiTech saves you time and we’ve definitely got your back[up].   

Data restore